Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015 ~Here's my Report

We had a last minute change of plans for Easter this year.
Hubby's mother had wanted to host our holiday meal,
however she recently had eye surgery and couldn't do all of the necessary preparations.

So, it was decided on Saturday, that Easter dinner will be here.

We went to the early worship service...
I want you to see now pretty our sanctuary was with all of the spring flowers.

When we got home, we went right to work...
The ham went into the oven at 275 degrees. I wanted to start it slow,
as we'd be turning up the oven later for the vegetables.

Hubby cleaned and the prepared the ingredients for our asparagus dish.

Grandma made our favorite Holiday Carrot Dish

It's good to always have some cheese and crackers on hand 
for spur of the moment entertaining.

Just the four of us this year.
Hubby's mom and sister,
Hubby and I.

Super simple meal of Roast Ham,
Baked Potatoes, Hubby's Asparagus,
Grandma's Carrots and a Green Salad.

Stacy made dessert, a delightful Lemon Angelfood Cake.
Perhaps she will share her recipe with us.

It was a relaxing day with family.
We enjoyed good food and our time together.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Take care,

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Karen Martinsen said...

Good morning Natalie
A very beautiful and family dinner - very special!
Our dinner was even smaller this year than yours...just the two of us.
Delicious food prepared.