Tuesday, May 19, 2015

End of a School Year ~~Saying Goodbye to this Classroom ~~~Saying Goodbye for the Summer

It is our last full day of school...
Therefore, the last for our Advocate group to gather.
We have become quite comfortable with each other and in this classroom.

In fact, there are so many things I love about my classroom.
The large cabinet in the back, to the right provides storage for textbooks,
curriculum materials and project supplies.

The large cabinet in the back, to the left has tote trays for student use.
Yes, much like the cubbies that you use in kindergarten.
These are perfect for students to keep their book and projects that are works in progress.

The front of the room has a teacher desk and a large table
where one can organize lessons and activities.
Notice there are two large white boards.

And my one-piece desks are so convenient,
neat and tidy, easy to rearrange...

Always room to squeeze in a couple more...
Well, there is a limit!
Maximum capacity = 35

Now, I am packing to move again...
It will be interesting to see what my next assignment brings.

Take care,


Kim Orcutt said...

Another successful school year behind you! Enjoy your summer!!

Kit said...

Yay! for the end of the year. I still have, let's see, 3 weeks to go! But pretty soon, I will be on vacation too. Enjoy your time off! Kit

Kit said...
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