Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day ~A Day of Remembrance ~~Visiting the Hometown Cemetery and Remembering Those we Love ~~~Plus a Special Message to our Son In Law

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We honor all of the brave men and women,
and their families,
who have sacrificed their lives while serving our country,
 in the United States Armed Forces.

This weekend, we made the four hour trip north 
to visit the cemetery where my parents are laid to rest.

It is such a peaceful little place.
It had been nearly two years since we had visited here.
We placed flowers and an American Flag by our family's headstone.

My Daddy was so very proud of his service 
to our country during World War II.

Like old times, 
Hubby and I walked around the cemetery, stopping to remember and talk about family,
friends and neighbors.

When I was a little girl,  this was a regular outing on a Sunday afternoon.
My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles could spend hours walking around and reminiscing...
while my cousins and I would just run and play.

Now, I understand.

So we stopped to pay our respect to my grandma, Hilda.
And to the two babies that she lost shortly after childbirth.

My mother was 12 years old when this baby sister was born and lived only a short time...
Mom was at such an impressionable age.

When my parents had a baby,
born too soon, 
born too small,
they were told that chances were not good for this little girl.

Mom wanted to name her Twila, too.

Of course, we looked for Aunt Enid,
my mom's older sister.

And for this very special couple.
Ann was my grandmother's half sister.
Ann and Art were my Godparents.
Their farm was less than a mile from ours and we dropped in on them to visit often.
Ann was always baking cookies and there were always lemon drops in her candy dish.
(Our Emily's middle name is Ann, after this lovely lady.)

Another special couple is laid to rest here.
Beverly and Carl were such gracious people.
Their daughter was one of my best friends in high school,
and Beverly was a good friend to my mom through Church and Eastern Star.

Here they are with cousin Clarice (Lloyd and Enid's daughter)
and dad's cousin, Carol (Art and Ann's daughter)
at my mom's 90th Birthday Celebration.

Thank you, Hubby, for your patience and listening to all my stories 
about the special people in my life growing up in a small town.

And then... again,
it was time to say Goodbye.

Take care,


I can not leave on this Memorial Day 
without sending love and blessings to our son in law 
who continues to serve our country 
with the United States Air Force.

We love you and we pray for your safety...always.

Take care,
Dad and Mom

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