Saturday, June 13, 2015

Where the Week Went ~Planning a Wedding ~~Reception Details

Our summer weather has been simply beautiful.
But it is impossible to enjoy the outdoors without plenty of this:

You all know we are planning a wedding.
Since the bride and groom are half way across the country,
I am happy to gather information and take care of errands on the home front.

For example the table linens are here!

Then there are punch decisions.
Here we are with our punch pourers 
and these adorable little girls that handed out favors.
(Betty, where did the years go?!)

I've checked my beverage dispensers to make sure they don't leak...
whether we use them at the reception or at our pre-wedding gatherings.

And, there are cake decisions to be made.
Remember when we all got married over 30 years ago?
The bride wore white,
and the cake was to be white to symbolize purity.

Bakers separated the eggs and used only the whites,
as the yolk would lend a yellowish tinge to the cake.

Now the bride and groom have so many options to consider.
They can offer their guests a taste of their favorite flavors.
Carrot, Red Velvet, German Chocolate...

Salty Caramel, Strawberry, or Lemon.
Plus we have a new Bakery and Coffee Shop opening on Monday.
I see a little cake tasting in our near future.

Last but not least...
My best friend and I have had a coffee date, once a week for the last 35 years.
When our kids were little, we always met at Mr. Donut...
Tasty donuts and the best coffee.

The last few summers, we have met at Mugs Coffee Shop,
however, they are currently closed.

So lately, we have found ourselves at the Starbucks in our Target Store.
Did you know you can ask for these cup holders to attach to your cart?
We can enjoy our coffee, great conversation, and take advantage of the good bargains.

Yeah, we share a cart...

Take care,

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Kit said...

I love all these photos of your wedding mixed in with thoughts of the wedding to come. :) And I did not know you could get cup holders! I have always thought they should have them on their carts since they have a Starbucks. I will have to check mine. :) Kit