Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday? Where did the Week Go?? ~This Summer, It's all about the Wedding ~~Quote for the Week

Why does the week go so slow during the school year,
and so very, very fast during the summer?

You all know we are getting ready for a wedding.
The bride and groom are planning all of the details.
My role is to get the house ready for company.

This week I have been cleaning like a mad woman...
stopping only for a quick lunch.
I was lucky to have a couple of small pieces of leftover grilled steak.
That, added to salad greens, fresh herbs, sliced almonds, and strawberries
makes a perfect summertime lunch.

Here's what went on in the woodshop.

Went scrounging for more Mason Jars at Grandma's.

One of our favorite restaurants, Mavericks, is attached to the Event Center where our reception will take place.  Occasionally, Hubby and I stop out there to share an appetizer...and then, we are wedding crashers!  Yeah, don't tell anyone!

Actually we aren't there for long...
it's usually late...
and we just want to check out how it's all set up!

Check out these Wedding Cake Truffles...
how sweet are those?!

And last, but not least,
this came through my Twitter Feed this week.
 I had to retweet, so I could revisit it often.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

Take care,

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Maureen said...

Dear Natalie,my son got married end of May and I know friends are warning you about how fast the day goes by but trust me... the day goes by FAST! Remind yourself to stop and take a moment now and then to soak it in while enjoying all the festivities.