Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Love at First Sight ~A True Love Story ~~Then...This Happened ~~~And Happy Anniversay to Amy and Nick

It has been three years since we celebrated 
with you on your wedding day.

Amy and Nick met during Thanksgiving vacation...
and their love story was far better than anything 
we were watching on the Bachelorette.
(side note: Amy, Emily and I would each watch the show and text each other with our thoughts)

The couple had jobs on opposite sides of the globe.
While they had traveled to spend good quality time together, 
we had not met our daughter's groom until the eve before the wedding.

Hubby, his mother, Emily and I drove into the cities in torrential rain.
We were in his big pickup, as we were planning to bring a load of Amy's belongings to store at home.
Grandma was riding shotgun. Emily and I were clutching hands in the dark backseat...
I swear, it felt like we were hydroplaning.

We stayed downtown Minneapolis, 
within walking distance of the courthouse.
The bride's sister,  Maid of Honor, helped her get ready.


My grandma's hankie was her
something old,
somthing borrowed,
and something blue.

(Those are tears of happiness)

The sweetest moment ever??
When the bride reached for her groom's hand.

It was very warm in the judge's chambers,
but family and friends surrounded the couple with love and support.
After an inspirational message about marriage,
the judge pronounced Nick and Amy, husband and wife.

The celebration continued with dinner reservations 
at a lovely restaurant just a few blocks away.

Here's the father of the bride with the maid of honor.

Amy had been renting a house close to downtown Rochester...
it was an easy walk to her work at the Mayo Clinic.
The next morning, we helped pack her belongings,
some for storage, some to donate, and some to move. 
(Another classic photobomb)

You two have accomplished so much in three years.
I can't wait to see where your love takes you next!

Happy Anniversary, Amy and Nick.
Love ~Mom

Have a Terrific Tuesday, everyone.
Share your love story!

Take care,

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