Friday, August 21, 2015

Wedding Week ~The Girls Getting Pretty ~~ #hubertpartyof2

For the second time in a week, Jennifer and Bailie
cleared their appointment schedules for our family.
We toasted our bride.
Mother of the Groom treated us to a brunch of
bagels, cream cheese, lox and fresh fruit.

I took the chair first.
It is typical for the bride to go last.

Hair addictions has an ideal setting for a bridal party.
Two couches and a coffee table for refreshments.
Plus we could all be in one area to visit.

Bridesmaids were next.

The Matron of Honor is ready,

The young women wanted to do their own make-up 
and they let us take over their spare vanities and large mirrors.

And, of course, our bride...
Last, but not least!

Now...Just get us to the church on time!!

Take care,