Sunday, September 13, 2015

More Wedding Talk ~The Cocktail Hour ~~Major Pinterest Fail ~~~Some Planning Tips

The Wedding Reception Cocktail Hour was perhaps 
one of the things I was most excited about.
It was not going to be any typical cocktail hour,
the plan was quite creative, in fact...

So when things went wrong, 
that is probably why I was most disappointed.

Pinterest Photo
This is what we wanted our tables to look like.
I expected a wow when I walked in.

Instead I was embarrassed.
Thus, no photos of our tables.

Tip #1
Be sure to communicate your vision with your decorator.
And, set up a test table with your linens and your tulle.

There were two wedding receptions in our venue that evening...
side by side.

Besides this screen, near the high ceiling,
there was no other direction as to where guests should gather.

Instead of visiting with our guests (as I had imagined),
I stood at the entrance to ask folks which weddding party they were attending,
and then pointed them in the proper direction.
The teacher in me wished I had our school detention forms and could check
"away from assigned area".

Still, many non-guests enjoyed our
complementary beverages and appetizers.

I did not even see our shrimp cocktail,
let alone taste it!

Tip #2
Set up an easel with names of the bride and groom,
hire a big bouncer.

As for the beverage table.
I wish I hadn't spent so much time and energy here.

I purchased and tested beverage dispensers.

I purchased cute straws to arrange in vintage Mason Jars.

Hats off to our bartender who sliced my lemons and limes
for the water dispenser.
The bride appreciated it, late in the evening...
so I guess that's all that matters.

Tip #3
Do not spend your time and money to search for ingredients to
prepare your family's special punch recipe.
I don't think folks care much about the punch...
you could maybe just put colored sugar water in the dispenser?

I actually watched the clean up crew pour out about a gallon of our

I do think our friends enjoyed themselves?!

"They" say,
when things don't go right with the reception,
it's only the MOB that is aware of the problems.

If there are any mothers out there planning a wedding with their daughter and would like to chat,
please leave a comment.

Take care,


Karen Martinsen said...

Awww my friend my heart goes out to you with all that 'didn't' go as planned.
I understand completely - I am a 'perfectionist' and I KNOW WHAT I WANT AND I SURE DO KNOW WHAT I 'DON'T WANT'...but like some guest said - only the MOB would know.
Our son's wedding was kind of like that - in a tent in Oct. heaters didn't work....people had their coats on, those that had them with them...which made the food cold.

But in the end the bride and groom were married and that's all that really counts, right????

Take time to breath now

Debbie Mitchell said...

I am a mother to four daughters - not planning a wedding at this time but my heart goes out to you for any disappointments. Your time spent has given your daughter and guests many beautiful memories :-)

Joyce said...

I'm catching up on all your wedding posts, so comments might be all over the place : ) I'm sorry this piece was a disappointment, but I bet the bride and groom enjoyed themselves. It's so true you and the maybe the bride are really the only ones who know when something isn't the way you imagined. It all looks lovely to me!