Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More Wedding Talk ~The Cocktail Hour ~~Raise a Glass, A Toast to the Bride and Groom

After the ceremony, family and friends made their way 
to the reception venue.

The bride and groom designed their guestbook
using special photos taken during their dating years.

The mailbox collected cards...
Hubby built a crate for gifts.

Guests were to find their "party animal".
The bride and groom painted these...

The animals held our placecards.
Here's mine...a lion.

During the Cocktail Hour, 
a variety of beverages provided something for everyone.

Ice Water, with sliced lemons and limes
Golden Punch
Sun Tea

The Newlyweds offered special 
Signature Cocktails

His ~ The Dark and Stormy

Hers ~ The Blushing Bride
Cranberry Juice and Lemonade
with a Splash of Vodka

And then...just before dinner,
a very Special Toast from Best Man, Matt...

and from Best Man, Rob...

and from Matron of Honor, Amy.
(since I was so far away, I didn't get a good picture, so
I can't to see the professional photographer's photos.)

Next, from the Father of the Bride...

and, the Father of the Groom.

So much love for this bride and groom.

Take care,


Debbie Mitchell said...

Beautiful! I loved the idea with the guest book, and photos of when they dated.

Karen Martinsen said...

Such a beautiful weeding!
Everything looks so perfect and the first photo with the kids is adorable.

Joyce said...

I love the party animals!! So cute!