Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday ~How a Teacher Spends the Holiday Break ~~Was Santa Good to You? ~~~Addendum to the 2015 Report

While high school and college students are on semester break,

their teachers are correcting end-of-course exams,
final projects and portfolios.
I'm not complaining...after all, I get to do this at home 
in my pajamas with a second cup of coffee.

This shopping bag is full of student
work that has been corrected and entered. Yay!!

Thank you, everyone, for your 
sweet comments about my Christmas gifts.
I have couple more things to show you.
A vintage kitchen utensil,
and another year's subscription to a favorite magazine.

I know, most people look at publications on-line now,
but nothing beats opening a new magazine while riding shotgun on a road trip!

My favorite purse size calendar.

Again, I know my smart phone has a calendar,
but the images by Karen Good in this pocket planner 
just make me smile.

My new favorite mug from Santa.
It's enamel...reminds me of grandma's kitchen!

My daddy and I shared a love of black licorice.
Yeah, I know we are in a minority.

This ornament will hang on a peg in our hallway,
as we are looking forward to our trip to the UK.

And with that in mind, this was on our agenda today.

It hasn't been all work and no play.
I enjoyed lunch out twice this week.

The Brass Kettle has a great thing going...
Each day they feature one lunch item.
It's fast and so reasonably priced.

Today we enjoyed a Turkey Melt
(on their own homemade bread)
with delicious Broccoli Cheese soup.

I'm so proud of former students that own and operate this restaurant.

Last but not least, I enjoyed an afternoon with a good friend.
She is a retired teacher and was hankering to correct some papers.
So we both went to work, and got it done...

...then enjoyed some refreshments.
Thank you, Karren.

I hope you are all finding a balance between 
work and relaxation this holiday week.

Take care,

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