Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Blessings to all Family and Friends...Near and Far ~~And More Photos from Easters Past

Vintage Holiday Crafts
Here's wishing all of you a Blessed Easter.

I know, I've posted these before. 
But, I had so much fun on my trip down memory lane, 
I wanted to share them with you again.

Here, Amy is four years old. 
Her baby sister was born in the middle of March.
Emily was probably less than a month old here.

And one year later, both sporting an Easter Bonnet.
Their grandpa was always so thoughtful with flowers.
He bought a spring corsage for each of us.

Don't you just love when the weather is nice 
and you can have your Easter Egg hunt outdoors?!

I imagine you have noticed our Easter Attire.
It is traditional to wear something new,
something fresh on Easter Sunday.

And of course, 
I always constructed all of the holiday attire.
A new dress for both of our daughters,
and one for myself.

Also, I often made a new dress for my mom.
How in the world did I have time to sew four new dresses
 while working full time and taking care of our family?

Perhaps that is why we had "store-bought" dresses this year.
Or maybe, because it was too embarassing to wear dresses that their mother had made?

A year didn't go by without dying eggs.

Even our exchange students enjoyed our tradition.

Jake is the master of creativity. 
He always takes Easter Egg Dying to the next level!
I can't wait to see what they have done this year.

Best wishes to you and yours 
for a wonderful Easter Holiday.

Take care,

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Kit said...

Oh how I love all your photos! They remind me of my girls in the past. Always dressed up and always having a wonderful Easter. May you have a lovely Easter! :) Kit