Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Eve ~Easter Eggs ~Easter Basket Sweet Surprises on my Doorstep ~~and Sweet Memories of Easters Past

When your nest is empty, the holidays are different.
Quiet and uneventful.

Last year, we did not dye any eggs... I actually missed it.
So this year I told Callie, "we are going to dye eggs."
She was there for me.

1/2 cup boiling water
1 tsp. vinegar
20 drops of food coloring

Such pretty colors.

There are a couple of awesome mommies in our neighborhood.
These two mommies know that our daughters live far away
and we do not get to spend our holidays together.

Today, this darling basket appeared on our doorstep.

It was filled with lots of sweet treats...

And this cute little note.

Thank you so much!
Secret friend, I think I may know who you are?
You left a pretty good clue!

And last weekend, this pretty basket was on our doorstep.

Treats for our cats and a special treat for me!
Thank you, Kelly and your darling girls.

Both of these baskets may seem like a small gesture to some,
but were a special touch of kindness for me.

It was just what I needed this weekend.
I have been missing these four more than words can express.
Most of you know that they live too far away 
for us to spend holidays together.

And of course, we are missing my mom and grammy
this holiday weekend.  

Keep in mind, when you are out tomorrow,
whether it is Easter Worship Services or Easter Brunch,
pay attention to those around you.

A smile or a nod may mean the world to someone who is lonesome 
and missing their loved ones during the holiday season.

Take care,


The Moonlit Stitch said...

So true Natalie! I force my teenager to color eggs (she did one for a picture). I'm glad you did too! Holidays are hard for me due to many empty seats. There is still a quiet joy in this day - thank God! Peace♥ Lisa

Debbie Bert-Shirk said...

I'll be having a quiet Easter this year as well. Thinking of you as we celebrate this holiday a little differently than our early years. Easter Blessings to you, Natalie