Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday's Tip of the Day ~for Teens Planning on Post-Secondary Education

A huge thank you to Karyssa, our ATEC House Parent 
for organizing this panel of college students.

My High School Independent Living Students 
wrote questions for the Presentation College students...
...and our guest presenters had excellent responses.

And here is some of their advice...
#1 Time Management
This came up over and over again.
Hone in on time management skills.
As a young adult, one needs to balance studies,
with athletics, activities, clubs, work, 
social life and personal care.

#2 Get Involved
Whether you are in athletics, or you join a club...
find a way to get involved.
Live in the dorm your freshman year.
Don't room with your best friend from high school.
Step out of your comfort zone and talk to others in the dining center 
and those sitting near you in class.

(p.s. the girl the the striped blue shirt is not sleeping...
I checked, her eyes were open)

And last, but not least...
#3 Bring a Stapler

Enough said.

Take care,

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