Sunday, April 10, 2016

National Sibling Day ~Siblings are a Blessing ~Being an Only Child ~And A Special Sister Bond

According to my Facebook Newsfeed it is
National Sibling Day.

I really have enjoyed seeing all of your photos.

I grew up an Only Child.
Oh, how I wanted a sister or a brother.
As a little girl, I cried about it to my mother,
and I'm sure her heart was breaking too.

When I was older I learned about her struggle with pregnancy.
She had lost four babies to miscarriage.
Then my sister Twila...
She arrived early and lived for only 24 hours.
My Aunty Vivian held her and told me she was the prettiest baby.

My parents both came from large families.
I enjoyed the the companionship of many cousins.

Siblings provide
* Socialization
* Companionship
* Emotional Support 

I always knew that if we were blessed to be parents,
we would want to have more than one baby.

My heart overflows with happiness 
that these two share that Special Sister Bond.

Hug your siblings tight.

Take care,

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Beverly...Heartland Creations said...

I can relate to being an only child. My parents struggled with the same problem, I don't know the exact details. But that is why they adopted me. It is very lonely being an only child no matter how old you get. I have three kids and four grandkids now. It is a riot when we all get togehter! Lately I have been thinking that the kids have no aunts or uncles on my side of the family. It is a very small world for me. But I feel blessed. I did meet my biological sibllings, let's just say it was intresting but not a close relationship. We need a day for us One of a kind creations ! hugs