Thursday, April 7, 2016

Personal Development / CTE Human Development ~All Good Things Must Come to An End

You all have met Officer Carlson,
our School Resource Officer.

He visits with my Personal Development students 
about school safety and his role at our high school.

He demonstrates the proper way that officers 
handle situations that may get out of control.

You can see how many times he has 
demonstrated his taser on this bad boy.

He never has a problem getting a volunteer to be handcuffed.
It used to be me...
and then remember the year I broke both of my wrists?
The handcuffs did not fit over my soft splints!

We also conduct a mock traffic stop and students 
learn how to behave if/when they are pulled over.
Here they are in his "squad car" doing 
some field sobriety tests.

Our district has cut this class.
Apparently it is not needed any more.

This does make me sad, 
as I felt it was one of the most worthwhile classes 
I teach in my school year.

I will be sharing more "lasts" in the next few weeks.

Take care,

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