Monday, April 18, 2016

What Teachers Do on Inservice Day

We have classes.
Several years ago, we participated in a workshop "Faces of Meth".
But now, it was time for an update.
Drug Training for the Education Professional.
Our Highway Patrol and City Police Officers 
presented today's program.

Also, our district is blessed to have Prevention Specialists 
that work with our students and speak to our classes.

Most of the teachers were more than excited 

The drug dogs visit our high school on occasion.
When our principal announces that we are in administrative lock-down,
we close all doors and blinds.
Most of us do not get to see Neko.

Today we all fell in love!
He is two years old and still sometimes acts like a puppy,
but he is Oh..So..Smart!

Keep up the good work, Neko!

Always, Make Good Choices.
Take care,

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