Saturday, May 21, 2016

Finally Friday ~Celebrating the End of the School Year ~Food Class Style with Sweet Treats

Lava Cakes!
Students love them...
plus they learn what it means to separate an egg.

They can exercise their creativity and show off their artistic flare
by decorating their dessert plate.

I have two Pampered Chef Sugar Shakers that I bring from home...
one with powdered sugar, one with cocoa.
Along with chocolate, strawberry and caramel syrup,
no two plates are the same.

This little cake looks perfect...

The little hole on top is a perfect spot for 
whipped topping or ice cream.

Perfect sweet ending to a meal...
perfect sweet ending to a school year.

And these sweethearts didn't even complain about clean-up!
Have a great summer, everyone.
Stay safe.

Take care,


Kit said...

Oh my! Does that ever look great! I have till June 10th and then I am off for the summer. Yay! :) Kit

DUTA said...

Your caption "Perfect sweet ending...." is.. perfect.
The cakes on the plate look delicious.
Have a wonderful summer vacation!