Friday, June 10, 2016

Dream Vacation ~The Full Story ~~Day One: Just Getting There

I've shared snippets of our dream vacation on Instagram/Facebook,
and I appreciate all of your likes, loves, and sweet comments.
For those who would like to see more photos,
I will share the rest of the story here.

All of our planning and preparation had come together,
and it was finally travel day...
Suitcases were zipped,
and passports were checked and double checked.

News stories were reporting chaos in our nation's airports...
Long lines, lost luggage, 
and travelers sleeping on cots as they missed their flights.

There are certain advantages to living in the Dakotas.
This was the line to check in at the

Within minutes, 
I had checked my bag and had my boarding pass.

Chicago Airport TSA lines...USA Today
Did I mention it is nice to depart from a small midwest airport?

Gate 5 and my fellow travelers.

Chicago was a different story...
a shuttle bus took us all to a different terminal.

Gate C9...found it.

Double checking...Gate C9.
I had 15 minutes until boarding,
so that should be plenty of time to run to the restroom.

I was maybe gone for 5 minutes and came back to this...
What? Where is everyone??

Gate change to C19...
and those of you who are frequent flyers know 
that can be quite a jaunt!

Once boarded and carry on items stowed above,
the comfort food came out.

Would you like to see what's for dinner?
Cajun chicken and rice,


and Mango Sorbet.

It was an overnight flight, so shortly after dinner,
the lights were turned down and we all settled in 
with our airline pillows and blankets.

Photo credits to Amy and Nick who captured 
this shot of my plane landing at Heathrow.

After waiting in the passport line,
the baggage claim,
and the customs (nothing to declare) line,
I was so very happy to see these two waiting for me 
as I exited the secure area!

And then it hit me...
I'm not in the Dakotas anymore!!

Take care,


Silvia said...

I been seeing your pictures. I hope you really had a wonderful time

DUTA said...

Airports,luggage, passports - all these make one feel part of the global world travelers; it's a good feeling. The picture of your daughter and SIL is worth a thousand

Kit said...

OMG!! You are doing it! I can't believe you are really over in England. I am so excited for you. I can't wait to read your other posts. :) Take care, Kit