Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dream Vacation ~The Full Story ~~Day One, Continued: Windsor Castle and the Changing of the Guard

We did not waste any time...
within the hour of my arrival, we were at Windsor Castle.

It was spectacular...

...and, I was still trying to get my head around the fact 
that I was really here!

I had the best tour guides.
Thank you, Nick and Amy. 
google image ~royal
Photography is prohibited inside the castle.
We viewed the State Apartments and it was magnificent.

When we stepped out, back into the courtyard,
we were next to this...

Yes, it was time for the changing of the guards.

With key in hand, the lead guard opens the gate.

The others wait patiently.

Then, they were off, in perfect stride.

We were that close!

It was time to find a spot for lunch.

A quaint little English Pub...sharing lunch with family.

My first meal across the pond,
Bean Soup with Homemade Bread and Butter.
It was perfect.

Stay tuned,
I have so much more to share.

Take care,


DUTA said...

Bean soup with bread and butter -yummy! The family meal is the best part of the day, even better than the castle and the changing of the guards.

Kit said...

How perfect to see the changing of the guard! Thanks for all the great photos! I am living thru you. :) Kit

Joyce said...

Your pictures make me so homesick for England. I lived not far from Windsor, would love to know what town/village your daughter is in. I saw your pics from Bath too, which is one of my favorite cities in the UK. So much to see, do, experience, and love across the pond!