Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dream Vacation ~The Full Story ~Day One: The Perfect Ending ~~The Beechfield Hotel & Restaurant

It was the Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day.
Amy made reservations for us to stay at the Beechfield House.

It is an English Countryside Luxury Hotel and Wedding Venue.

The rooms do not have numbers, they have names.
I was staying in Willow.

google image 
There was so much to see with so little time.
We didn't spend a lot of time at Stonehenge, 
but I did get to see this famous landmark.

Back to my room at the Beechfield House...
this is my Tea Service.

My bedding looks like a page from the Pottery Barn catalogue...

And the view from my window...
well, it is just charming.

We all moved downstairs to enjoy the warm sunshine.

When in Europe, particularly the South of France,
it is common to share a glass of Rose when you sit poolside.

Yes, it is a good custom.

We had plenty to celebrate...

...this was the anniversary of Nick and Amy's engagement.

I was honored to share this time with them...


One bite appetizers, from top to bottom,
Cheese Bites
Salmon Canapes
Duck Liver Pate.

In Europe, the hotels have a "turn down" service...
opening the covers and leaving a chocolate by your beside.

It was a perfect ending to a perfect Day One.

Take care,


DUTA said...

How original, the hotel rooms having names instead of numbers!
Very nice family celebration with wine and appetizers.
The bottom picture - you and daughter on a bench in the garden - is magnificient.

Kit said...

Quite the lovely hotel! I love the idea of Rose next to the pool too and you had sunshine. I hear that is rare in England. :) Kit