Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dream Vacation ~The Full Story ~~Day Seven: The Trip within Our Trip, A Weekend in Dubrovnik ~~How We Spent the Morning

I woke up Saturday Morning to this view from my patio.
I had slept with the sliding glass door open a bit, 
so I could enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of the sea.

After breakfast, we rode the city bus
to the Beautiful Old Town Dubrovnik.

If you plan to take a walking tour of the ancient city wall,
start early in the day before it is too hot.

It was simply stunning...

The contrasting colors of the red-orange roof tops 
with the blue of the sea and sky...

The warm weather...the scenery...the company...
It was all just so very pleasant.
With hard work and determination...we reached the highest point.

Enjoy this panoramic view from the top.

Take care,

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