Monday, June 27, 2016

Dream Vacation ~The Full Story ~~Day Six Continued: Our Trip within our Trip ~~~An Awesome Ending to the Day

The "trip within our trip" doesn't get any better than this!
We were staying at the Hotel Dubovnik Palace.
You can relax here on this level,
enjoying the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

Or you can relax here with the clean, fresh, 
and warmer water of the resort pool.

After our pool-side beverage, we freshened up.
It was time for dinner, and the restaurant was a short walk away.

There was a beautiful view around every corner.

The dining is much more formal than it is here, at home.
White tablecloths.. cloth napkins..
and a full place setting.

The server brings a one-bite appetizer,
This one is an anchovy with greens on a toasted baguette.

My Dinner Companions

Our view at Dinner.

I absolutely love seafood,
and this was the perfect opportunity to order it fresh.

I ordered the Shrimps prepared Dalmation way.

These guys were served, complete with their beady little eyes.

And, my awesome son-in-law, with his steak waiting on his plate,
showed me how to break off their heads and cut their bellies open.

While, I had to work for my dinner,
I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

We all shared dessert.

Do you see the walkways?
Yes, it is glass, and you can see all the way down!
Yeah, I didn't step on the glass!!

While walking back to our resort,
we enjoyed live jazz music from the local musicians.

Stay Tuned!
Take care,

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