Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dream Vacation ~Day Seven Concludes at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace Hotel & Resort

After lunch and a refreshing gelato, 
it was time to go back to the resort and relax by the pool.
These flowering trees are a typical site along the city bus route.

Just me and my Selfie Stick

The Hotel Dubrovnik Palace has plenty of warm sunshine
and places to lounge by the sea.

Back in our rooms, we freshened up for dinner.
Again, a selfie from my balcony.

This evening we went up to the hotel's roof top
to their Light and Lean Dining Area.

We were seated in time to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

My Light and Lean Dinner
Tuna Tar Tare with Caviar,

a side of whole grain toast, and a fresh salad.
It was perfect.

After dinner, we explored the top floor to find the spa,

and indoor pool.

We enjoyed a nightcap in the Piano Bar,
near the Reception Center in the Lobby.

I can't believe how fast our vacation was going...
only two days left to report.

Take care,

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