Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dream Vacation ~The Full Story ~~Day Eight: Boat Tour to the Island of Lokrum

Sunday Morning
While Amy and Nick worked out in the Fitness Center,
I enjoyed the view from my patio. 
I would never get tired of waking up to this!

The air was so fresh and clean.
Along with the sound of the sea...
...and the seagulls,
it was a relaxing morning.

The breakfast area had at least six or eight stations for food.
Fresh fruit, juices, breads, cheeses,
egg dishes along with an omelet chef,
breakfast meats,
potatoes and other veggies,
 and sweet treats.
I could get used to eating fresh seafood every morning!

We made it to the bus stop with plenty of time to look around.

This day, I had my selfie stick along.

Our hotel was the beginning of the line, so we chose the best seats...
(Those that are elevated across the back, and we could all sit together)

by the time we reached our destination,
the bus was packed with tourists and locals.

We stopped here for "take-away" coffee.

Again, it was a beautiful sunny day.
We welcomed the warmth, 
as it was still chilly and rainy in the UK.

And like the bus, these two claimed the best spots on the boat.

We "older folks" got a spot on the bench.
(Which, by the way, was delightful!)

We were on a mini cruise to the Island of Lokrum.
It is actually only a 15 minute ferry ride 
from Dubrovnik's Old Harbour.

Our ferry's first mate secured our docking,
and assisted the older passengers on and off the boat.
Thank you, sir.

My first rate, son-in-law watched with a careful eye!

Lokrum is a lush forested island.
It is a quiet escape from the urban Dubrovnik.
There are hiking trails and places for swimming...
complete with a nudist beach.
(We skipped that trail!)

The trail was rocky, but so private.
I don't think we saw another person on our hike.
The views were beautiful.

While no one lives on the island,
it is inhabited with peacocks and bunnies.
This proud papa was showing off...

and the mamas were caring for their babies.
(sorry no pictures of the bunnies, they were too fast for me!)

After leaving the trails along the beach

we moved on to the botanical gardens.

The plants were beautiful...and grow to be very large!

There was one more island excursion...
hiking to the highest point.

My tour guides patiently waiting for me to keep up...

The view from the top was spectacular.

But wait...there's a better view up here!
Enjoy Nick's panoramic photos from the top.

(oh dear...while Nick is risking his life taking photos from the top of the fort,
Amy and I were below, both looking at our smart phones.)

The way down is always easier!

Then we were back on the ferry 
to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik.

Next post...lunch and how we spent the rest of the day!

Take care,

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