Friday, July 15, 2016

Dream Vacation ~The Full Story ~~Day Nine: Strolling the Waterfront and Lunch in Cavtat

While the population of Dubrovnik is just under 43,000,
the neighboring town of Cavtat is home to 2,000 people.
It is such a quaint little place to visit.

It is an easy stroll along the waterfront 
lined with specialty shops and restaurants.

We also explored the side street walkways.

HAPPYLAND...that's for sure!

Dubrovnik and Cavtat, both provided plenty 
of outdoor browsing of the local artists' handmade items.

I purchased a bracelet of Croatian Coral...
a sweet reminder of my trip.

Nick kept us on was time to find a spot for lunch.

First we check out the menu and then check on Trip Advisor...

Click and visit their website...
That is a treat in itself!

My host and hostess, and the best tour guides.

Refreshing beverages...

and the local brew.

Amuse-bouche = one bite appetizers

Homemade Rolls

with two types of dipping oils...
Olive Oil and
Pumpkin Seed Oil

I could have made a meal on the bread and oil...
but we needed to order a lunch.
(I never did figure out how to read their prices)

My choice?
The Lobster Bisque

and the Spring Salad.

It was the absolute best ending to our weekend get-away...
...and my Dream Vacation.

Take care,

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