Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dream Vacation ~The Full Story ~~Day Nine: The Finale ~~~How We Spent our Morning

This Seagull woke me up early.
Remember, I had been sleeping with my patio door open,
and it sounded like this little guy was in my room.

The hotel rooms here have an electric hot pot to heat your water, 
then you have a choice to make Breakfast Tea or Instant Coffee.

So, while Amy and Nick went to the Fitness Center,
I sat in bed with coffee and watched their version of the Today Show.
This was my morning view.

The Breakfast Dining Room was inviting...
white linens with a full place setting.
There was also outdoor seating, for a better view of the Sea.
Those more coveted tables were usually occupied,
so we sat inside, which btw, was closer to the eight buffet tables!

Fresh fruit and veggies, a variety of cheeses and seafood,
on my first plate.

Check-out time was not until noon, 
so we had a little time to appreciate the warm sun just once more!

Before long, we were packed and back in the rental car.
Do you see that, unlike the UK,
Nick is driving on the right side of the road?!

We stopped at this scenic overlook to say our final goodbyes
to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik (on the right),
and the Island of Lokrum (on the left).

Do you see a little spot on the highest point of the island?
That is the fort that we hiked to on the previous day...

Yes, the little fort on the highest point of the island.

Back in the car,
our destination was the neighboring 

Next post: our walk along the waterfront
and a special lunch together.

Take care,

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