Thursday, August 11, 2016

Things in my House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile ~Never Enough Cats

My hubby travels for work on occasion.
Once a month, twice a month, twice a week...
it just depends on what's going on with the DOL.

After office hours, he finds a place for dinner, 
and then frequents the local shops.

Often, he returns home with a gift, and this week...
it was perfect!
A cast iron cat with a super long tail,
displaying a ball of twine.
It is a perfect addition to my sewing studio!

Another gift from his state-wide travels...
this cat was a gift when he returned from a trip to Spearfish.

And this furry cat is a gift from years ago...
just because hubby knows that I am a crazy cat lady!

They are all such sweet gifts.
They all have a special place on display.

Thank you, honey.

Take care,


Debbie Mitchell said...

Love them and being that they were gifts make them even more special!

Kit said...

I love all your cats! Especially the newest one. :) Have a great rest of the summer! Kit