Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday ~Sorting and Moving my Teacher Stuff

My friend, Kari, posted this meme on my 
facebook news feed earlier this summer...
made me laugh out loud!

Some of you remember my posts last May?
I moved out of my classroom in the ATEC Building.

I moved my curriculum materials out of my space in the
Teacher Planning Center.

I had three decades of resources stored there.

Most of it ended up stacked in our garage.
There were no less than two dozen of these paper boxes 
stacked by the front of my vehicle.

Throughout the summer, with Callie's help,
I sorted stuff.
So much garbage went out to the curb on Wednesdays.

It was exhausting!

Last weekend, hubby and I made a quick stop at school
 to see how the construction was coming.
(I am very excited to come back and 
show you our new Commercial Foods Lab!)

In my classroom, I found the cleaning, 
painting and waxing finished... hubby helped me arrange my furniture to create my
"Teacher Nest".

We investigated the TPC to find the new carpet installation was complete
and our desk modules were back in place.

So, it was time to get super serious at home!
I had stacks of stuff on the dining room table and chairs.
I created signs for my boxes to organize supplies and resources...
It is time to start moving it back to the school!

Here a few of my boxes.

Now, to find the perfect balance of teacher preparations
with  the end of summer rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Take care,

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