Sunday, September 18, 2016

Homecoming 2016 ~Now a Memory ~~In the Presence of Royalty

Tuesday's Dress Up Day was designated by grade.
Seniors wear black.
Technically, I am a Senior.

Freshmen wear white.
Here they are gathered around my demonstration counter 
to evaluate their Banana Breads.

Out of 21 loaves, there were only two that did not look right.
Perhaps they used the wrong leavening agent...

Wednesday...Jersey Day.
But bigger news was about our Homecoming Royalty.
These lovely young women are in my super study.

Congratulations to our Queen, Madison,
and to Kate, a member of the Royal Court.

Of course, this was a perfect opportunity for Sweet Treats!

Thursday's Dress Up Day...
Wear a Wacky Random Outfit.
We have some creative students,
and this day was quite entertaining!

And Friday...Spirit Day.

You might wonder if there was any 
teaching and learning going on?

We all did our best!

Take care,

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Kit said...

I love spirit week! We used to have pajama day, and cammo day (lots of hunters here) Disco Day was my favorite. You look fantastic! We are coming up on our Griz Homecoming this coming weekend. That will be fun. :) Kit