Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend ~It was a Tough One ~~Why Do Some Find Pleasure in Destroying People's Personal Property? #heartbreaking

This weekend we visited our family farmstead.
Many of you remember that the waters of Devils Lake 
have swallowed up farmland and destroyed the homes in the community.

For generations, our family had cared for this home...
painting and repairing to preserve this treasure.

Last year, the water had receded and it was the first time
in years that we could get near the house. 

While the water damaged the home beyond any hope of restoration,
this weekend's visit was disturbing.
As we approached the yard, I sensed something very wrong.

Someone...had broken every window in the house.

...every single window.

I am angry.

I am sad.

I am frustrated and disappointed.

Why would anyone in their right mind think it is okay to
trespass onto private property and intentionally damage
personal property?

What is wrong with people?

Equally upsetting,
people are using our property as a dumping ground.
Old television...

Old furniture...

Old shingles.

I am heartbroken.