Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Mail Call ~Sincere Messages after the Loss of Our Sweet Callie ~~Thank You

Those of you that have lost a pet know 
how difficult the following weeks can be.

Thank you, everyone, for leaving kind comments on facebook...
and for those of you that sent pet sympathy cards.

The box on my porch contained this kitty candle 
from one of our darling daughters.

Our Callie was a special cat.
She was our helper cat.
She was our social cat.

When we were home, she was right there...
watching over what we were doing.

We miss her.

Hug your pet today.
Take care,

1 comment:

Kit said...

Ahhh my friend, just sent you the biggest hug ever. When I lost my Dolly who was also a tortie, my heart was crushed. Such a horrible pain. So I know you are so very sad. Which makes me sad. You take care and I just woke up my Sam Man (who was not very pleased with me) and gave him lots of kisses. Hugs, Kit