Sunday, November 20, 2016

Winterfest 2016 ~Here's My Report: Our Booth ~~When Our Favorite Football Team has a Game ~~~We spent the Weekend with the Nicest People

Winterfest has always been a favorite event for us.
Over thirty years ago, we attended as a family...
enjoying the entertainment, the food, 
and the holiday spirit.

Our girls have grown up and moved away...
Hubby and I still love to be a part of this community event.
There is so much much tradition.

Here's a closer look at our booth... 
remember my Wooly Owl made the newspaper!

Hubby's work includes the barbed wire trees
and the wine bottle necklaces.

And then, when your favorite college football team 
is playing their last game of the regular season... gotta love technology!

Hubby's golfing and hunting buddy is a talented woodworker.
His booth was right across the aisle from us.

And next to him, my fellow teachers and friends 
from the A-1 Academy at Central High School.

On the other side of the arena,
my friend Jamie and her dad.
He has awesome pottery and he travels here from Wyoming 
to display is work at the show.

Another vendor is a friend that I taught with at the Middle School
She creates fun and functional bags.

Here is my view of her booth from the backside!

And this guy...
"take a picture of me,
taking a picture of you".

His woodworking skills are impressive too.

My hubby is a talented musician and artist.

But first and foremost, he is an accountant.
After a show, he reconciles our account...
and prepared the sales tax report.

Thank you, all you local friends, 
that stopped by to say hello.

Take care,

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Karen Martinsen said...

Morning Nata;oe
Traditions are so important to keep alive - as is the community events.
Looks like a wonderful time and your booth looks inviting.