Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Mania ~After Callie Cat's Death, Lucy is Adjusting to Life as an Only Cat

Callie was about six years older than Lucy.
Callie was here first.
Callie was the leader, Lucy was the follower.

If Callie was begging for cheese,
Lucy was right there, too.

Most of the time, they got along.

And if there was a disagreement, it wasn't that serious.

It has been four months since Callie had her stroke,
and passed away.

Thank you, to everyone that asked about Lucy, 
and how she is doing without her little friend and leader.

Even, on their last trip to the clinic,
Callie was assuring Lucy that everything would be okay.

Callie died shortly after that trip to the clinic.

Poor Lucy...
Do you think she is lonesome?

I bought Lucy her own special bed...
I don't think she was impressed.

We invite her to sit at the counter with us, 
but she doesn't really want to socialize.

Lucy did enjoy helping us decorate the
Christmas tree. 
However, I still sense that she is a lonesome kitty.

So, when this photo came across my facebook newsfeed, 
it caught my attention.
She had been dropped off at the Humane Society a couple of weeks ago.
Maria was a Senior Cat looking for a quiet home to spend her retirement years.
She loves her bed, sunshine, and cuddling.

I was so serious about Maria, 
that I even washed up Callie's food dish.

It had sat on a shelf in the laundry room 
since she died In October.

It was just my luck,
I had "sat on the fence" about the new addition to our cat family too long.
When we went out to the Humane Society this weekend,
Maria had been adopted just one day before.

So...for now...Lucy is still an "only" cat.
She actually spent some time with me 
during our weekend nap time!

It was meant to be...
we will remain a one-cat family until further notice!

Take care,


Farm Field Primitives said...

I have been away from blogs for so long, but have just come across your post. I am so very sorry about the loss of your beautiful Callie. Some days it just doesn't seem to be any easier. And poor Lucy! I often wonder what they think when their friend is no longer with them. At the right time, another beautiful fur baby will come along. Until then, please accept my heartfelt sympathies. Take care. Melissa

Leaon Mary said...

My love to little Lucy. How heart breaking to lose a family member like that. My two old corigs are getting on up there in age and one is losing teeth pretty bad. I dread the days when we lose them. They just become so much a part of our day don't they; our furbabies.
The photos of your sweet calicos just melted me. Calicos will always be my favorite kittys.
Well Natalie... I pray when the time is right ... a new feline friend comes to live with you. Snuggle that Lucy for me. Lea

Suzanne said...

I'm sorry about your loss. It's interesting how much pets interact and miss their friend when they are gone. We've experienced that in our home too. Our "Freckles" looked just like your calicos. Sweet kitties.