Saturday, February 11, 2017

Where the Week Went ~Start Your Day with Protein ~Early Morning Visitors ~Our Kitchen Project ~~Corned Beef Hash Recipe Link

Have you tried making an Omelet in a Baggie?
My Fitness for Life students enjoyed personalizing their own
with peppers, onions, spinach, ham and cheese.

Perhaps the most school excitement I have had in years...
two large and loveable dogs were frolicking in our parking lot.
By the time I parked my vehicle,
students had used their lanyards to create a choke collar to control the dogs.
Since there was much traffic and below zero temperatures,
the best option was to bring my students and the pups into my entry way.

Our School Resource Officer contacted Animal Control 
and by the time the first bell rang, the dogs were in good hands.

On Thursday, we were hosting Parent/Teacher Conferences...

and all of a sudden, this happened!

On the Home Front
We finally replaced our range hood that has not worked for months.
It's installation was the first step in our kitchen project.

Next up...backsplash tiles.
Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

It's that time of year to pick up a Corned Beef Brisket.
I roasted this one in my Crockpot, 
and look forward to Hubby's Corned Beef Hash.

Enjoy what's left of the Weekend.

Take care,

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Kit said...

Oh that omelet looks so good! That is wonderful what you and the kids did for the dogs. I am glad it turned out okay. :) Kit