Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our School District Retirement Party ~Thank you for the Classy Farewell

Every year, our school district hosts a retirement party.
This year a dozen staff members were honored.

Tables were adorned with a planter, a gift, 
and gift bag to receive cards.
Families are invited to sit with their retiree.

No reception at Central is complete 
without Shelly's cupcakes.

The retirees and spouses had a chance to visit 
before the doors opened to the public.

My principal stopped by with well wishes.
(Yes, I was teaching at Central when he was a student!)

And this special photo is 
with one of my first students.

Her memory is better than mine, 
as she reminised about our FHA Chapter 
going on a trip together.
I am going to have to look through the old scrapbooks!

I am so proud of her, as she is now a teacher.

Despite being the first night of league golf,
hubby made my day by deciding to accompany me to the reception.
Even better, he came home from work to change clothes...
and came out from the bedroom wearing a Blue and Gold tie!

A generous gift from the school district...
a Seiko Mantel clock.
It is a keepsake, for sure!

Upon returning home, I read through my gift bag of greetings.
Some included gift cards,
and most included a personal message.
Thank you, everyone.

So, my most frequently asked question...
"are you counting the days?"
Actually, I didn't start counting until recently,
as I truely love my job.

However, it was fun to bring out this slate.
It was crafted for us by a family friend.

I hung it in our foyer when our daughters lived at home.
I have sweet memories of us counting down together.

This year, the final days seem to be flying by.

(I'll be back to show you the highlights of this week.)

Take care,


Kit said...

Congrats! :) Kit

Wenni Donna said...

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Retirement is the time when you know you have achieved all the respect and name in your field and now you are good to go. Congratulations on being retired, a new life begins. I have also planned a retirement party just like this for my aunt in one of the LA event venues. I am very close to her.