Thursday, June 29, 2017

What'cha Workin' on Wednesday ~Our Garage Project Progress Report

Our helper cat has kept watch over 
the work outdoors.

My last progress report ten days ago,

Here's a view of the addition,
the only way in is through the existing window in the garage.

Next, another shipment of shingles.

But first, the old shingles must come off...
no matter how stubborn they are.

Another delivery?
This time it was siding.

Hubby welcomed the opportunity to help demolish 
the existing wall between our garage and the new addition.

While hubby was taking his work frustrations out on that wall,
our contractor was working his magic on the siding.

Today, I came home from an appointment to the best news...!
That eye-sore has been in our driveway for nine weeks.
I'm sure our whole neighborhood is rejoicing.

And inside our house...
Jasmine is looking forward to a little holiday break.

We'll be back next week to finish the job.

Take care,

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