Monday, July 10, 2017

Our Summer's Highlight ~Independence Day ~~Spending a Week with Family ~~~Day 1

Independence Day is the midpoint of our summer.
This year I was awaiting this day with great anticipation.
Our daughters and their hubbys were coming home!
They had not been home for nearly two years!!

Amy and her hubby were traveling from Japan.

While I was preparing our dining room for family meals...

Amy and Nick were having a quick bite before their long flight.

While Amy and Nick were traveling through time zones,
we were driving across the state line to Minnesota.

We like to stay downtown...
there's so much to see and do, within walking distance.

We were enjoying dinner out in the city
with daughter #1 and her hubby...
while daughter #2 and her hubby were boarding in Boston.

Hubby and I shared the Seafood Mac & Cheese. yummy.

It wasn't long before we got the text that 
Emily and Jake had arrived.
After a quick Uber ride,
we were all reunited.

I went to bed that night, 
one.. happy.. momma.

Take care,

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