Monday, July 17, 2017

Introducing Miss Ottenbacher

Meet Miss Ottenbacher,
Central High School's newest Family & Consumer Science Teacher.
Here she is with her new school computer.

I was privileged to spend the afternoon with her on Friday.
She is smart and well prepared. 
She had a list carefully thought out questions.

We visited about the curriculum.
She will teach all foods classes, so
we talked about what has been done in the past...
and she will bring creativity and fresh new ideas to the program.

We also talked about student concerns.
Miss Ottenbacher has a kind and caring spirit,
wanting to consider the needs of others.

I am so excited for her, 
and I can't wait to see how she makes this classroom her own.

I couldn't be more confident to turn the reins over
to this young, energetic teacher.

Congratulations, Miss Ottenbacher.
You are going to be a great teacher!

Take care,

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teacherlady80 said...

Hi Natalie, as the former FACS teacher at Eureka School (1980 - 2012), I have met you at some FACS type events or workshops or maybe 4-H judging at Brown County Fair..... I was very pleased to read your comments about Miss Abby Ottenbacher, whom I have known forever. She was my FACS student for 5 consecutive years and was very active in FCCLA. Indeed, you are getting a gem. Joan G. Anderson