Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Thanksgiving Week in Boston ~Zildjian Cymbal Factory Tour ~A Highlight

While in Boston, we enjoyed time being tourists.
Emily pulled some strings to arrange a tour of

You do not need to be a musician 
to enjoy this tour.

The lobby is a showcase.

Check out this Beatles drumset...
That's Ringo's signature!

The latest technologies...
who thinks of these things?!

Our tour guide was excellent.
We learned so much about the Zildjian family
and the history of their company.

If you are there to shop for cymbals,
the options are endless
depending on the sound you are looking for...
I mean *listening* for.

Jake is a drummer, like my hubby,
so he knew just the right questions to ask.

This sound booth was amazing.
There were dials on the wall...
first, we imagined ourselves in a small studio,
then a recital hall,
an auditorium,
a large cathedral,
and then, if you were playing for halftime at the Superbowl.

I, seriously, just stood there with my eyes closed.
With each change of the dial,
our tour guide played his cymbal 
and took us to each of those places!

The drummers' studio.

Our next stop on the tour, was the factory itself.
No photos allowed,
however, we did see each step in the process
from the meltdown of their secret formula of metals
to the bright, shiny, perfectly shaped cymbal on the right.

We finished our tour with the Zildjian Wall of Fame.

If you are vacationing in the Boston area,
this 90 minutes is well worth your time.

It was one of my week's highlights.
Thank you, Zildgian, for your fine hospitality.

Take care,

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