Thursday, January 10, 2019

Things in my House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile ~My Santa Collection Soon Ready for Storage

The time has come. 
Time to pack my Santa Collection into a Storage Tub. 
This little guy was the new addition this year. 
He came all the way from our family in Okinawa. 
Since he is so special, 
he may stay out for a couple more weeks.

The Nisse also stays out all year. He was a gift 
from our Norwegian Foreign Exchange Daughter and her family. 
According to Scandinavian folklore, this character 
is responsible for the protection and prosperity of the home and family.

Not that I am superstitious, but I’m not sure 
I want to see what happens if I pack him away!?

The first Nisse watches our front door.

We received this one when Amy & her Hubby 
were stationed in the UK. He guards our kitchen.

Each Santa is unique with its own personality.

This gift is hand painted.
Some people have so much talent.

This Santa memory touches my heart.
I had surgery in November 2005. 
After some minor complications, I returned to the hospital. 
I was there for Thanksgiving and the following 10 days.
To surprise me, Hubby decorated our tree 
with new ornaments and this Santa was at the top.

We purchased this guy for that Christmas
when both our daughters and their husbands 
were coming home for the holiday.
It was something about Santa holding a little girl with a 
teddy bear that I just had to display in our family room.

Many of my Santas are handmade.
This Old World Santa was created year ago, 
with my crafting friend, Tammie.

We have been setting up a booth 
in local Arts & Craft Fairs for over 20 years now.
At first, I saved one of every Santa I made.

But you can imagine with two decades of my 
Santa creations, I just ran out of room here.

This year, this Santa sold out very quickly. 
He is created with Vintage Buttons 
from my Grandmother’s Button Box.
I do know that he has gone to a very good home.

Also new this year....this Santa. He is one of my favorites.

Did you all see this towel set in Target’s Dollar Section?
I purchased three, and sent them to our daughters.
It made me happy to know that since we all spent Christmas apart, 
we were all looking at the same Santa kitchen towel!

It looks like there is another fan of 
Santa in our family.

Take care,

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Leah said...

They are all so cute - neat stories to go with them. It is always just a bit sad to pack the holidays up but we get to look forward to new holidays and another season! You have a great Santa Collection!