Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Funday ~Where the Week Went ~We Enjoyed a Couple of Very Special Visitors ~Twist Cone, a Summer Tradition

I can’t think of a better start to our summer season
and my birthday week.

Their visit was an unexpected surprise
and a big boost to this Papa and Gigi’s morale.

Jack and his Mama came to stay for the week.
His Daddy was scheduled to be away for work,
so it was the perfect opportunity for them to visit us.

We kicked off their first night here with dinner
and a little trip out to the golf course.
Guess who drove the cart.

haha, just kidding. Papa drove the cart...
Jack’s Mama and I drove our vehicle behind them
to pick scoop them up and bring them home.

But not before a little detour past Twist Cone.
One cannot come home without getting a treat
at our Hometown Ice Cream Hot Spot.

This was Jack’s first visit
to Twist Cone, two years ago.

This year, he had his very own baby cone...
complete with candy eyes.
It is a summer tradition.

It was a sweet start to their visit.

Take care,

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