Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Saturday's Work" ~Our Bathroom Remodel DIY Project ~~The "Before" Pictures (plus a quick sneak peek of the finish)

"What do you think our humans are up to now?"

google image
I used to talk to my mom on the phone every weekend.
She would always say,
"I suppose you are doing Saturday's Work today."

I could never exactly decide what "Saturday's Work" was.
Sometimes it was watching our girls swim or run...
And that was not really "work"!

Well, our Saturday's work for the last three Saturdays has been our bathroom remodel project.
It started one day when I said the fan in the bathroom has a terrible rattle.
That was all it took...hubby ripped it down and threw it in the garbage.
(Before I could even take a "before" photo!)

Then we took a hard look around the room.
We moved to this house when Amy was in 6th grade,
Emily in the 2nd.  In those 18 years here, we have redecorated all the other rooms in our home, except our bedroom and our bathroom.

It's seriously, I mean seriously, outdated.

This was going to be a quick weekend project with a little paint,
a counter remnant, and some new floor tile.

I can already hear some of you laughing...there's no such thing as a quick DIY remodeling project, is there?!
That shower fan/light fixture had a dozen electrical wires,
No sooner than it was unhooked, we had no lights in the bathroom and upstairs bedrooms.
This required a professional electrician.

The counter came off...but we were planning to use the original sink because it matched the stool and shower surround.

I guess not...

So it was back to Menards for some comparison sink shopping.

Then there's that counter top remnant.
"I can't believe that they did this... embarassing."

The first piece we brought home was too short.
So we picked out another one that we liked even better.
Plenty long. 
When we got home, hubby cut a couple of inches off the end before bringing it in the house.  

You guessed it.
We didn't even check.
We got one that was for a kitchen counter,
so it was too deep for the bathroom vanity...
6 inches too deep.

Since it had been cut off on the end we couldn't return it, so we cut 6 inches off the back, removing the backsplash so it would fit on the vanity.

So then, it was back to Menards to find a tile and grout to 
create the backsplash that we needed for our new counter.

I know this story is long,
and imagine how we are feeling?!
It was supposed to be simple, 
but turned into a DIY project that never ends!

I can't wait to show you more!

Take care,

Saturday, March 28, 2015

TGIF ~Where the Week Went ~~and Happy Anniversary to my Notion's Shop ~~~Recipe Link and Coupon Code here

As long as there is snow outside our window,
we are going to enjoy Pot Roast Sunday.

My favorite is a Beef Bread and Butter Roast..
seasoned with salt and pepper.

Hubby's favorite meal is Corned Beef Hash...
So I roasted a brisket this week also.

This came in our mail on Tuesday.
We are so excited to host this special week here in August!

Therefore, wedding thoughts are never far from my mind...
even when I 'm shopping for somthing else
at Hobby Lobby.

or in the early morning getting lab supplies at our supermarket.

Some of you know that I have a 2nd Etsy Shop to sell supplies.
I wanted to keep these listings separate from my 
handmade items in my Tins and Treasures Shop.

During my first years teaching,
 I worked a second job on nights and weekends at Northwest Fabrics.
Yes, it was a long time ago...1979 to 1985.
Much of my 'stash' is considered vintage! 

I also have my mother's vintage scarves,

her vintage jewelry,

and her vintage kitchen items listed.

I am offering a 20% discount on all purchases in my 
from now until the end of April.

Use coupon code
when you check out.

Stop back later for my "Saturday's Work" post.
We have a DIY Project going on here...
And it is turning into a very long story!

Take care,

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring and Planning a Wedding ~The Mother of the Bride ~~Important Stuff to Know ~~~Rule #2

Not only am I enjoying Spring Break, 
but today brings the First Day of Spring.

Since hubby and I will be hosting the wedding ceremony and celebration here in the bride's hometown,
the planning is never far from my thoughts.
I spotted this on one of my 7 a.m. trips to the grocery store for lab supplies.
So cute, right?

Once our bride finalizes her colors and chooses the bridesmaid dresses,
I will get serious about shopping for a Mother of the Bride dress.
And here's MOB Rule #2
Never wear White, Cream, or Ivory.
In fact, it is inappropriate for anyone to wear white.
Remember Rule #1
It's your daughter's moment to shine.

I didn't have google in 1980 when I designed 
and sewed my mother's dress for our wedding.
So her dress was a dusty rose floral on a cream background.

Here are some more rules for the mothers' dresses.

1. Comfort comes first~
It will be a busy day with lots of bending, reaching, and hopefully some dancing!
I would really like to be able to try some dresses on to see how they feel,
rather than order online.

2. Consider color to compliment your hair and skin tone~
Mothers should try to complement, not match the wedding's color scheme,
We don't want to look like a "bridesmaid wanna be".

3. Sleeves are age appropriate~
With sheer and lace options, sleeves don't have to look matronly.
Or a shrug or little jacket can give the moms some options 
when it's hot outside the the AC is chilly.

4. Include the bride in your decision~
Again, remember rule #1...the bride and groom run the show.
They may have some ideas as to color and length for their mothers.

5. Discuss Wedding Attire with the Mother of the Groom~
It's important to coordinate the length and style.
When the mothers are ushered in prior to the processional,
they will set the tone for the wedding.

That's a lot to think about.

It's a dreary gray day outside, this first day of spring.

So I hope you find a way to bring some spring inside.

Take care,

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday's Tip ~The Mother of the Bride ~~Important Stuff to Know ~~~Rule #1

With our daughter's engagement last summer,
we are immersed in planning for a wedding.
How did we ever do this in the days before Pinterest?
(Especially since we all live so far apart!)

My first search was to define the role for the Mother of the Bride.
So, I'd like to share what I have found...

from Pinterest

1.  It's your Daughter's Moment to Shine
Moms, you know this is the obvious first rule.
Your daughter is making the decisions...
the Bride and Groom run the Show.

While the Bride needs her mother to research,
to offer ideas,
to perhaps ask questions...
The Bride is the Center of this Celebration.

And, it's all about the Marriage...not the Wedding.

I so look forward to this family celebration.

Take care,

Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dear Emily

We are sending birthday wishes 
to this special young woman today.

We have sweet memories of our holiday time together...
starting the moment you all got here.

You have so many talents.

You are organized and efficient.
You are kind and caring, 
such a people person.

You are driven with an intrinsic motivation.
Your work ethic is over the top strong.

You are frugal and quite sensible...

but, you can also show a bit of a fun, sassy side!

You are very family oriented...
and we are blessed that you are a part of ours.

I can't wait to see where this next chapter in your life takes you.

Happy Birthday, Emily.

Take care,

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