Monday, November 30, 2015

Our First Winter Storm ~Do you all still have Leftover Turkey? ~~Here's a Link to my Recipe for Turkey a la King

We have been spoiled with mild weather this fall.
Perhaps that is why we were in denial...
not a Winter Storm Warning!
Therefore, I didn't have a scraper in my car.

As I sat in my vehicle with the defrost on high,
this was the view of my co-teacher's van.
Good news...
She had a scraper,
and I had a broom to brush off the snow.

And we were on our way.
Of course, there was a train.
After all, Aberdeen is known as the Hub City.

The drive was pretty.
Don't worry, since there was no traffic,
I could stop to take a photo of the snow on the trees.

Do you still have a little turkey to finish?
This is a family favorite...

Turkey a la King.

Such good flavor!

Stay safe...stay warm,
and enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Take care,

Saturday, November 28, 2015

This Empty Nester's Thanksgiving Report

Like most professionals, we teachers also work 
until late afternoon on Thanksgiving Eve.
We rely on our local supermarket for some of our Holiday Preparations.
This deli cheeseball has always been a family favorite!

I just love these Thanksgiving napkins on my tablescape.

Isn't that what the holiday is all about?!

We are thankful for facetime and facebook messages 
to stay in touch with daughter #1 and her hubby...

and for Skype and text messages to stay in touch 
with daughter #2 and her hubby.

Here at home, my hubby, his sister, and I 
enjoyed time spent with cousin Warren,

but especially to have Aunt Darlene visit us in our home again.
She is Hubby's Godmother and also our firstborn, Amy's, Godmother.
She is such a special lady, and I'm glad we could share this holiday together.

Cherish the memories.
Take care,

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Greetings to Family and Friends ~The Empty Chair Prayer ~Precious Memories

Many of us will be missing loved ones during this holiday season.

google image
Perhaps you have seen this Empty Chair Prayer
shared on Facebook...

Oh, how my mother loved Thanksgiving.
This was the last year (2009) she traveled
to spend the holiday in our home.

Her "gentleman friend" would bring her to stay with us,
while he traveled on to Minnesota to visit his son.

Here she is with Aunt Olivia and Hubby's Mom
enjoying some pumpkin pie and more coffee...

...while the younger generation cleaned up the kitchen.
We would always sing Christmas Carols when we did the dishes on Thanksgiving.

Our daughters and their husbands were just here 
in August for Wedding Week,
so cannot be here for the holidays this year.

I cherish my memories of the Thanksgivings
and Black Fridays that we were able to spend together!

google image
Hugs and prayers for all of you 
that are missing loved ones this holiday.

Cherish the time you have with family and friends.

Take care,

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What'cha Workin' On Wednesday ~Where the Week Went ~~White Chicken Chili Recipe Link

So much to little time!

Household chores, 
Keeping up with school work,
Attending meetings,
Taking care of family and self.
It is a balancing act for sure!!

Helper cat, Callie, and I have been working on 
my closet transition for a couple of weeks now.

When the weather first turned chilly, I brought my fall and winter attire out of storage.
Then typical of the Dakotas, we had some nice warm weather again.
Then chilly...then warm...chilly...warm...

But now, I think chilly is here to stay...
So, the lightweight clothing is going into storage, until about June.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed some jazz.

The guys will be playing three weekends in December.
I hope you can make it!

A highlight of my week is sharing a bowl of soup and good converstion
with my Senior Super Study.
I plug in my Crockpot at 5:30 am.
White Chicken Chili

I like to make my own Taco Seasoning.
(It is not so salty)

Isn't it pretty?!

A little dab of sour cream, cheddar cheese,

and a couple of tortilla chips.

Make the most of the rest of your week.
Take care,

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Honoring our Veterans ~WW II Love Letters ~~and Say a Prayer for Those Who Continue to Serve Our Country.

This photo is of my daddy, taken in 1941.
He was so proud of his service in the Army.

Central High School hosted our community's 
Veterans Day Assembly.
It has always been one of my favorite days.

I have my mom's cedar chest in the bedroom downstairs.
In the cedar chest, this stationery box contains the precious letters that my daddy wrote to my mom while he was stationed overseas.

Notice in 1945, a postage stamp cost 3 cents.

And on occasion, servicemen could send a message for free.

This is so sweet...
My dad wasn't sure if my mom was his sweetheart or his friend.
I'm glad they figured that out.

This post would not be complete 
without a mention of our son-in-law, Nick.

He serves our country as 
a pilot with the United States Air Force.

Our daughter, Amy is always there by his side.
We are so proud of them both.

Stay safe...Love you...
Take care,

Friday, November 6, 2015

Things in my House Thursday ~The Little Things that Make Me Smile

With the Ghosts, Witches and Black Cats back in storage,
our house was looking a little blah.

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year...
so I'm just not ready for Christmas decor,
like our retail world.

I think Callie approves of our new
Welcome mat.

And remember this lucky find at Target.

We found the perfect place in the foyer...
It was a bit of a challenge to get it 
hung high above the stairway!

Speaking of the Target Clearance rack...
aren't these just the cutest?!

The Thanksgiving season is time to 
give thanks for all of life's blessings...

and to spend time with your family and friends.

Take care,

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Autumn Joys ~Football Snacks ~Fall Wreaths ~Soup in the Crockpot ~Trick or Treaters ~and National Cat Day

We enjoyed the weekend watching our favorite 
college football team
with fresh bread, flavored olive oil and herbs.

This awesome wreath was at Target. 
Lorie and I had admired them for several weeks, 
and now they are on sale!
We each had to have one!!

Who else remembers when McDonalds served their 
Happy Meals in these cute pumpkin buckets?
I still have one with my Halloween decor...
It was perfect to bring treats to school for my students.

Hubby's Jazz Band played in a new venue on Friday.
They were so well received, 
that they are invited back for next weekend.

It was a beautiful night for trick or treating.
This special family rang our doorbell.

With a chill in the air, soup in the crockpot really hits the spot.
Here's my recipe for Chicken Wild Rice.
This would a great recipe to use your 
leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

My seniors in super study...
sharing stories and discussing life lessons.

Did you know it was 
National Cat Day this week?

Isn't every day Cat Day?!

Take care,

This is How You Party When You Turn 95

Great Grandma celebrated all weekend. Her Assisted Living Facility hosted a lovely party for her. Hubby and his sister are there by her side...