Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas to All ~The Highlight of our December ~~Congratulations to Nicholas

Christmas Greetings to all our Family & Friends.
We were honored to spend time celebrating with these two 
on Nick's tremendous accomplishment.

Nick spent the last six months in Weapons School,
A very rigorous program including academics and flying.
And now it was time for awards and recognition.

There were over 1300 in attendance at this formal event,
however, our attention was on these two.

It was a formal dinner, indeed.

Here's Nick with his classmates...

Amy with the other wives...

and, here they are, all reunited.

We were seated with Nick's father, aunt and uncle, 
siblings and their spouses.
Such a delightful group to share dinner and table conversation.

Amy and Nick with his Commander and wife.

And then, it was time for graduation.
There's Nick, the 5th from the right, under the speaker.

Congratulations, Nick.
We are so very proud of you.

The perfect ending to a wonderful celebration.

Treasure the time you spend with your family.
Merry Christmas, everyone.

Take care,

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Kit said...

Congrats to Nick! What a wonderful event. It looked so posh and nice. Everyone looked very happy. :) Kit

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