Saturday, April 8, 2017

Forming a Feline Friendship ~Will it Happen?

When I get home from school, Lucy is always there to greet me.
She comes out from her napping place to meet me at the top of the stairway 
just like she had done for years with her friend Callie.

As you know, Lucy's world has changed a bit.
Callie has been gone for 5 months.
Two weeks ago, Jasmine moved in...
there has been some growling and hissing.

Jasmine is quite the social cat.
After school, she sits on my pillow, on my stool,
while I check into my two Etsy shops,
and answer personal emails.

Lucy is not convinced that adopting Jasmine was a good idea.

"Maybe if I ignore her, she will just disappear."

Hubby and I are hopeful that they will 
learn to tolerate each other...
I will keep you posted.

Take care,


Maureen said...

Oh my! the body language in those photos is a hoot. I'm hoping they learn to enjoy eachother's company.

pam said...

So cute. Hopefully they will get more used to each other!

Amber_Engraf said...

Cats can be so finicky! When we send home cats with others we often expect issues. They tend to work them selves out.They both are very beautiful!

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