Friday, September 1, 2017

TGIF ~Garage Project Progress ~It's About Time for an Update

Once the garage addition was enclosed,
hubby has been anxious to get into his man cave.
We have sat out here, more than once,
to watch the Twins game on our
vintage family room television.

If you remember my last garage project report...
our next step was to hire an electrician.

Here are the light switches and outlets.

Insulation was next.

Hubby likes a project like this at night,
since he sits behinds a desk all day.

And, I agreed to help.

He could do all the walls...
but needed some assistance with the ceiling.

After this, a layer of plastic...

We were ready for the drywall.

Our contractor had that installed in a couple of days.

We came home from our Colorado road trip to find
the addition ready for some paint.

Next, lights and electricity...
and then we can start to move things in.

Stay tuned.

Take care,


BarbCarol said...

We bought a new house 4 years ago with an attached garage that was to become a truly wonderful sewing/weaving/graphics studio for me. But it became a wonderful "man cave" instead...very happy husband.

Unknown said...

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