Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween ~Then and Now ~A Family Update

Happy Halloween from our home to yours.
We have so many sweet memories of family fun on this day.

It was tradition for Hubby to carve pumpkins with our girls. 
I was usually busy in the kitchen roasting the pumpkin seeds.

It was also family tradition to have 
a homemade Halloween costume.

Often, it needed to be oversized, 
so it would fit over a winter coat.

We met up with good family friends...

...and went trick or treating with friends in the neighborhood.
Those were the good old days when children 
would wear their costumes to school, 
and the students would march 
in a parade for grandparents and then have a party.

And where are our darling daughters on this Halloween?

Here’s Amy, on the other side of the world,
She is a busy military wife, working in a clinic, 
and an awesome mom to our grandson, Jack.

The cutest Jack O’ Lantern I’ve ever seen!

Here’s Emily, 
celebrating on the 
other side of this country.

She, too, is a busy wife and works
as the director of Zone Wellness.

She and her hubby hosted a 
Halloween party in their home.
Their costumes are so creative!

I set out my basket of treats early in the day...
however, we have had no visitors yet.

While this teacher is retired, 
my Halloween vest does not need to be put to rest.

Best wishes for a Safe and Funfilled Halloween Evening.

Take care,

Thursday, October 18, 2018

National Pasta Day ~It Was Yesterday ~Check Out This Fabulous Recipe

Macaroni and Cheese...
brought to a whole new level.

Remember, on Monday,
I bought some special cheeses in the deli.

My friend, Debra, sent this recipe.
It is one of her hubby’s favorites.

It is easier than it first appears.
There’s cheese, eggs, and milk. 
(I used half and half)

And my cheeses?
Fontina, Smoked Gouda, and the Parmesan Romano Asiago mix.

Bake it in a buttered Bundt Pan.

Does the outside of my Bundt Pan 
look like it has seen  a lot of love?

On the inside, it browns beautifully. 

Jasmine thinks so too... 
She is ready for dinner!

I do hope you enjoyed some pasta yesterday!

Take care, 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Falling for Autumn ~Colors, Cats, Cooking, and Crafts

Yesterday was the most fabulous autumn day.
When I backed out of our driveway, 
the tree in our front yard caught my attention. 
The colors were so pretty.

Where was I going?

I had a date with my hubby 
to get a flu shot out at his office.

Next stop, the supermarket.
My friend, Debra, sent a recipe for a special Mac & Cheese Bake.

Just cheesin’ around at Kesslers.

Back home again...
And loving those fall colors!

Sometimes, Lucy cracks me up.
When I came inside, She greeted me like this.
Does she think we got another cat?

Hopefully, I’ll be showing you a photo 
of the Mac & Cheese later this week.

Asparagus was on sale.
It is generally quite expensive, 
so I took advantage of that deal.

Check out my receipt.
I bought 25 items, and saved over $29.
But, what do you think “Unchanged Turkey Points” are?

I finished painting these pumpkin sets...
then, moved them out to the shop for the next step.

Happy Fall, Y’All.

Take care,

Friday, October 12, 2018

TGIF ~Where the Week Went ~It’s About Winterfest Right Now

One day the cats were having a discussion at the watering hole.
“What is our human so busy with every day?”

My Quinoa Salad was gone, 
so it was time to try another recipe for my lunches.

More tomatoes from Charlotte’s garden.
I separate the juice and seeds, and 
use just the flesh of the tomato.

When the cats realized I was chopping something, 
they were quick to offer their assistance.

I moved our pots of herbs into the garage...
remember that recent freeze warning? 
So I saved the herbs and 
am still enjoying those fresh flavors.

Most of you know I have Crafting ADD.
I mean, one should not have just one project going at a time.
Sometimes you have to wait for coffee-stained scarves to dry.

...waiting for their scarves to dry...

The highlight of our week was a FaceTime date 
with this handsome young boy.

The low point of our week was this winter weather advisory.
That dark purple around us indicates snow.

This was the morning view from my front door.
It snowed all day.

This is my view when I sit at my sewing machine.
It was part snow, part rain.
While it was not pleasant to be outside,
I will take this over a Hurricane.

I am sending up prayers for everyone 
that is dealing with the destruction of Hurricane Michael.

My fabric stain is a mixture of 
strong coffee and vanilla.

While waiting for fabrics to dry, I painted these projects... I am also waiting for paint to dry!

I need six of these for a project, 
so this week I visited every Thrift Store in town.
As you can see, I am still one short.

This is the rice to fill my hand warmers, 
scented with cinnamon, clove, and vanilla fragrance oils.

These are the Vintage Wool Hand Warmers, 
All stitched and waiting for the rice to dry!

Stay tuned to see how everything turns out.

Take care,

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