Monday, June 14, 2021

Road Trip ~Making Memories ~Day Two, Traveling Through Three More States

Will Papa and Gigi want to play toys?

Oh yes, that’s why they are coming…They are planning to play!
Papa is really good at playing cars…
he had a track for his Hot Wheels when he was a boy, too!

Remember, we do need to share them with
Aunty Emily and Uncle Jake.
Papa and Gigi are going to spend
a weekend at their place, too.

Our drive through Wisconsin was beautiful…
Sunshine and Trees…many, many Trees.

We stopped at a Rest Area with a Scenic Overlook,
so we could look out over more Trees.
It is a luscious green, a nice contrast to the
Grassland Prairies of the Dakotas.

Welcome to Illinois…

…a frequent interruption  along our drive.

In the Chicago Area, these interruptions slowed
the traffic down to a crawl…for miles.

You read that right, that toll was just for the opportunity
to drive across this bridge.

I’ll share the experience with you…for free.

Our third and final state for Day Two.

Yes, we are Creatures of Habit.
For Dinner, Hubby ordered a Burger and Fries.

I ordered a Side Salad, and again, we shared both.

Big Time Burgers and Brews is another fabulous place to stop.

We are ready for Day Three filled with more Adventures.

Take care,

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