Friday, August 19, 2022

Road Trip to Visit Family and Friends ~When Papa and Gigi Met Baby Joelle ~Papa’s Birthday Celebration ~Cat Boy Got in on the Action

We are over the moon happy to be in Georgia with family.
And meeting our new granddaughter was
the sweet icing on the cake.

That evening, the very first time I held her
she relaxed and took a little catnap.
Such a little cuddle bug.

Joelle is the sweetest little girl.

When she is showing her fussy side,
the Football Hold is her
favorite position to get comfortable.

Of course, JoJo needed to meet Cat Boy,
since he made the three day trip with us.

For Papa’s Birthday,
JoJo’s Parents planned a little outing.

Community Burger is nearby,
and who doesn’t love a good Burger?!
Plus it’s a place that gives back to the community.

Joelle was so patient while we ate.
She accepted her pacifier and took a tiny snooze.

The Reformation Brewery is in the same area,
so we were able to walk there to continue our celebration.

It was a beautiful evening, however it was time for
the Parents and Grandparents to
get this little baby home and into some pajamas.

Sleepy Baby.

After a good night of rest, Joelle was full of stories for her Papa.

Cat Boy was a good listener, too.
Best Day Ever!

We are Blessed!

Take Care,

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