Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Hometown Visit ~White Horse Hill ~Spirit Lake Casino ~Grahams Island ~Woodland Resort ~Devils Lake Area Attractions

These Retired Empty Nesters spent a long weekend visiting our
 farm and the family that farms that land.
We visited the Cemetery and took care of some unfinished
business there.
We met with the USDA District Conservationist
to discuss the water issues.

In between meetings and appointments we found
things to do in the community.
White Horse Hill, a Natural Game Preserve, provides plenty of family enjoyment.
I have fond memories of going there every summer
to attend our Church Picnic. We had a Potluck Lunch,
played on the swings & slides,
and climbed the Hill.

Mid afternoon, the ice cream was announced, so we all raced to get
in line for an ice cream cone before packing up to go home.

The Prairie Dogs never disappoint.
One can park their vehicle and get out to
watch them scurry around and listen to them chatter.

Whenever we went to visit Grammy and the farm, we all got in the car
to drive through the Preserve, hoping to see animals.
All those years of taking our young daughters and my mother,
 we never saw one critter.

This year, a pleasant surprise…
We spotted some Elk,

And this big guy.
If you are from North Dakota,
you say Bizon, with a Z, not Bison.
And if you see more than one? We still say Bizon, not Bisons.

The Visitor Center is quite impressive with
a display of all the animals you might see in the Game Preserve.
And I loved the table of Fur Pelts that you can touch and feel.

The restrooms are clean, and there’s a neat little gift shop.

Back in our vehicle, we continued our tour around the lake…
Our next stop was at the Spirit Lake Casino.

Of course, Hubby wanted to try his luck.
We were not there very long.

It is quite a complex, where you can eat, sleep, gamble,
and enjoy the water.

Graham’s Island is a State Park, 
since we don’t have a Park Sticker, we did not drive in.

We did go to the Woodland Resort.
This is what the cabins looked like when we first stayed there.

They have made some improvements over the years.

If you are serious about fishing, in the winter or the summer,
add this to your Bucket List.

Stop back to see how we found
 some fun in town.

Take care,

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